Writer’s cramp, (aka, writers cramp, writers block) focal dystonia characteristically affecting distal muscles of the forearm and hand, typically of one’s dominant writing hand.

Writers Cramp,  often initially presents with tightness, accompanied by fatigue and aches during continued use. The discomfort and difficulty of use resolves with rest, but often returns when resuming activity. Writers cramp typically progresses over months and years. Abnormal posturing of fingers is common, and may further involve the wrist, elbow, and occasionally the shoulder .

Patients with Writer’s cramp report an excessively tight grip, with writing becoming slow and tedious as ability deteriorates. In approximately 50% of those with WC, the dystonia only affects the task-specific activity of writing, leaving other tasks – even those performed with same muscles – unaffected.

Current treatment options inlcude

1. Botulinum Injections

2. Rehabilitative measures

Writers dystonia
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Writers Cramp