Telegram, Online Consultation

Telemedicine and online consultation is current requirement of the the day. Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Clinic has started exclusive telegram channel for its patients and caregivers. The channel’s primary goal is to provide updates about specific events at the clinic and critical news about research in Movement Disorders world wide.

The channel can be subscribed using the following link :

To Chat with Doctor

Due to the unforeseen circumstances of COVID 19 Pandemic, everyone is encouraged not go out of the houses or attend clinics for regular visits. However, some of the patients/caregivers, may require to consult the doctor for clarifications or for repetition of prescriptions. In such cases, the telegram consult app is available to chat with doctor. Please use it only for minor clarifications. This is available for previously consulted patients only. The turnaround time for responses vary depending upon the time of the day and other resources. If anything urgent, please call up to the hospital or nearest emergency room.

Link :

Online Consultation

Telemedicine / Online consultations are available for select cases and scenarios. You can read about it further using this link.