We are trying to provide various groups, patients support systems, clinics, therapy centers available for Parkinson’s disease and other movement disorders patients. Please feel free to contribute towards the same.

Patient Support Groups Across India:

Name Location Contact Numbers Email Website
Movement Disorders Society of India India www.movementdisordersindia.org
Parkinson’s disease Society of Karnataka (PDSK) Bangalore
Basal Ganglia Society, Bangalore Bangalore
Parkinson’s Disease Society of India Mumbai +91-9987216057



International Parkinson’s Disease Support Groups

Name Website
Parkinson’s Disease Foundation www.pdf.org
American Parkinson Disease Association www.apdaparkinson.org
National Parkinson Foundation www.parkinson.org
Parkinsons UK www.parkinsons.org.uk

Other Useful Resources:

Name Location Contact Numbers Email Website
RetireGuide USA 07-545-2797 pnewsam@retireguide.com