Huntington Disease Clinic is a specialized clinic run for the benefit of Huntington’s Disease Patients and their care givers.

Huntington Disease clinic runs exclusively on 4th Wednesday of every month between 10am to 1pm.

If you are calling up for the appointments, please do specify about being seen in the HD clinic.

Advantages of the Clinic:

  • Assessment by Huntington Disease Specialist
  • Exclusive time for assessment
  • Exclusive Counseling
  • Guidance on Huntington’s Disease
  • Psychiatric assessment*
  • Psychological counseling*
  • Other support groups resources

(*based upon the advice of the doctor)

However, if you are unclear, you can visit on any day and will be attended.  The doctor would then subsequently suggest if you can follow up in the HD clinic.

EHDN Prashanth LK
HSG Dr Prashanth LK