Research in Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders is an ongoing activity. Research helps in improving the treatment outcomes, understanding patients and family requirements, looking for novel therapies, recognizing the underlying cause with primary goal to improve the quality of life and outcome. Researchers need both people with and without Parkinson’s to take part in research. Without volunteers, progress in Parkinson’s research would be impossible.

Anyone who is considering taking part in research should speak to the professionals managing the project for more in-depth information.

The information we provided is only for your consideration. It should not be treated as advice or a recommendation to participate in any of the studies.

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Current Ongoing Projects

Geneome Wide Association Study


Genome Wide Association Study of Parkinson's Disease

This is a pan India multi center study on genetics of Parkinson's disease in India. This Study is funded by Micheal J Fox foundation (MJFF)

Understanding the Palliative Care Requirements


Palliative Care Requirements

This is an ongoing study to understand the various domains of palliative care requirements including care giver burden, financial impacts, spiritual impact, understanding of disease ...

Genetics of Young Onset Parkinson's Disease

Genetics of Young Onset Parkinson's Disease (GOPI-YOPD)

This is a initiative of Parkinson Research Alliance of India, with involvement of various centers across India. The primary aim is to understand the genetics for young onset Parkinson's disease (<50 years)

Exercise Patterns in Parkinson's Disease

Understanding Exercise Pattern in Parkinson's Disease

This is multi-national study involving centers from various countries. The study is aimed at looking into the exercise patterns, acceptance and hurdles for Patients with Parkinson's disease

Huntington Disease Registry


Huntington disease registry

Registry for Huntington's disease patients