online consult

Online Consultation are provided on request basis Only.  It’s always preferable to have consultations in-person. Use online consultations only if in-person consult is not possible or in specific situations.  Please do remember that, currently due to various factors and limitations, Online consultations cannot be at par of in-person consultation. Please BOOK A DATE atleast 36-48 hrs hours ahead for proper co-ordination.

Online Consultations

How to Book an Online Consult Appointment:

  • Step – 1 : Book your dates and slot from above link button (Atleast 2 days ahead).
  • Step – 2 : Get confirmation mail
  • Step – 3 : Please pay the online consult fees (If required, you may apply for financial subsidy.  A separate form will be sent to assess for qualification)
  • Step – 4:  Please send a clinical notes summary and full list of all medications being taken now on email.  Also please highlight what issues you are facing or for what symptoms you are looking for a remedy.
  • Step – 5 : Please note the Zoom call links sent

At the Time of Consultation:

  • Step – 6 :  Please keep all the documents / medication list easily accessible on the consult date. (if possible mail it ahead of time)
  • Step – 7 : Please make sure you have good internet connection or sit in a place where signals are good. (if you are uncomfortable in using computer and apps, please take a help of someone who can guide. Also request them to be there on your side, till the consultation is finished)
  • Step – 8 : Make sure a good lighting is available in your room and light should be falling on your face (not from behind you, which will make difficult to see you)
  • Step – 9 : Please be precise on what you want to tell, so that consultation can go on as planned.  Usual consult slot is about 20-30 minutes (Average times).  Please write and keep the critical questions, which you would like to get clarified (This will be very helpful to you and the doctor)

Please Note : If the consultation cannot be done for any reasons (like poor internet connection / emergency etc), then a fresh date and time would be provided. But no re-scheduling will be done for not showing up by the patient.

After the Consultation:

  • Step-10 : A detailed clinical consult note and prescription would be sent to your mail id provided.   Please check for any errors of omission / Commission and update the doctor for any changes, within 24 hours.

Chat Based


  • Telegram App based chats available only for follow up patients and for non urgency related topics.
  • The Turnaround time for the messages vary based upon the availability of the doctor.  (Any Urgent consults / clarifications, please call upto the clinic to get in touch)
  • The Telegram consults CAN Be CHARGED  at the discretion of the doctor.
  • You can also subscribe to the telegram channel to get updates about the clinics and latest news.